Ethics and Professional Skills Module (EPSM)

Hello ACCA aspirant. Hope you are doing well. Here at Career Compass, we are not just lecturers, but we are here to mentor students to support them in every manner. In this space, we have highlighted about some ethics and professional skills. So, let us brief you with ethics and professional skills modules.

Ethics and Professional Skills Module (EPSM)

The ACCA body places high importance on values and ethics. As such it has specially devised a module called Ethics and Professional Skills Module (EPSM) which is necessarily required to be completed to get ACCA membership.

The module brings in the real-life business examples with case studies and interactive activities to instill in all the ethical requirements expected out of a professional accountant. It helps to focus your thinking on real world work scenarios, developing your understanding and skills on how to approach the challenges presented. 

It can be accessed after a one-off cost, with no resit fee. Once you have paid for the module you will be able to do the assessment multiple times and will have unlimited access to the module contents.

EPSM comprises 10 units, with 7 learning units and 3 assessment units, mentioned as follows:
  • Unit 1- Ethics and Professionalism
  • Unit 2- Personal Effectiveness
  • Unit 3- Innovation and Skepticism
  • Unit 4- Commercial Awareness
  • Unit 5- Leadership and Teamwork
  • Unit 6- Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Unit 7- Data Analytics
  • Unit 8- Integrated Case Study
  • Unit 9- Strategic Professional Support
  • Unit 10- End of Module Assessment

All the various ‘units’ are further subdivided into smaller ‘sections’ covering the comprehensive knowledge relating to the subject. The module intends to cover the various professional Skills relating to:

  • Effective Communication
  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Skepticism
  • Innovation and Commercial Acumen

EPSM can be completed anytime while pursuing ACCA qualification. However, since the module provides a great assistance of knowledge during Strategic professional level, it is recommended to complete the module towards the end of completing your Applied Skills exams and before attempting any Strategic Professional exams.

It takes around 15 hours to complete the entire module including the in-built test series. You will also be able to access any of the module contents again once completed if you wish to refresh your knowledge.

Once the module gets completed, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. This will also get updated in your myacca account.            

Due to changing business scenarios, every employer is looking for people possessing not only the technical knowledge, but also the various skills and abilities to deal with the complex business situations in an ‘ethical way’. EPSM as such makes you more in-demand with the employers enhancing your employment prospects.

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Team of Career Compass hopes that this article helped you and gave you more insights about ACCA.

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By Aditi Deepak Mehta

(ACCA Affiliate)

(Member of Mentors’ Team at Career Compass)