“7 Benefits of ACCA Career Portal”

Hello ACCA aspirant. Hope you are doing well. Here at Career Compass, we are not just lecturers, but we are here to mentor students to support them in every manner. In this space, we have highlighted important points about ACCA Careers. Let us brief you for the same.

ACCA Careers

Flexibility is a major attraction of the ACCA qualification! This flexibility is visible not only in the pattern of studying and appearing for exams, but also in the form of searching for jobs.

To help you find a job that will enable you to progress towards the qualification and further in your career, the ACCA body provides a range of resources that are available online at ACCA Careers.

ACCA Careers is one of the world’s specialized job boards that provide online employment resources and acts as a link between job seekers and the organisations. 

The following are few of the key advantages of the initiative:

  • Easy application of job postings-

You can easily view and apply for jobs in a frequently-updated range of vacancies with leading employers worldwide keeping you aware of the available opportunities.

  • National and International coverage of employers-

The online database has been extended to cover 71 consultants in 14 countries, enabling you to locate specialist finance recruitment consultants both in your area as well as internationally.

  • Career Management Center (CMC)-

The career management center of the portal includes online exercises, which are designed to give insight into your working preferences and personality type, and also help define the industries, companies, and roles in which you are most likely to succeed. 

  • Up to date with the changing times-

Many new services keep on adding up and the existing services are enhanced on a regular period of time to make the portal more efficient with the changing needs of time.

  • Exclusive and prioritised Services-

The services are exclusively for ACCA students, affiliates, and members which can only be accessed by visiting myACCA and entering your ACCA registration number and pass code. As such you can be sure of finding the most relevant jobs as per your qualification.

  • Events and Virtual fairs-

Many local career events and virtual fairs keep happening to make it a more interactive and effective tool for a job search.

  • On the go updates-

Updates of the jobs can be easily obtained through email updates making it very easy to access the various positions and vacancies available.

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By Aditi Deepak Mehta

(ACCA Affiliate)

(Member of Mentors’ Team at Career Compass)