15 Most common mistakes in SBL by students

Hello Students, Hope you are doing well. This blog is for the students who want to pass ACCA SBL paper with a handsome mark or have fear of passing the SBL. Here we have listed most common mistake that student makes usually but they don’t know that these common mistakes will impact their results. So, if you take care of these things and avoid them in the exam then there are higher chances of very good results. 


  • Not Reading the exhibits properly 
  • Not covering all aspects of task requirements. 
  • Rewriting the information from Exhibits in your answer and not commenting or developing any points 
  • Not maintaining the balance between depth of discussion and the number of points made 
  • Not writing any Mock exam for practice 
  • Wasting time on detailed answer planning 
  • Not completing whole paper 
  • Writing the theoretical answer based on the text book knowledge 
  • Include the points of little or no use 
  • Not paying attention to specific answer format required 
  • Giving irrelevant suggestion like switching off the lights is important but not to the Board of directors 
  • Not knowing how to answer presentation slides perfectly 
  • Weak conceptual clarity 
  • Not having good story telling skill. Not able to convey your point to the reader 
  • Thinking too much while planning and writing the answer 
  • Not using the words in your answer like “although, so that, because, that’s why, even if……..” 


The above list could be exhaustive but we have tried to list out the most important ones. There can be other lots of mistakes also but the above list we made after evaluating lots of student’s mock exams and there are common ones. We tried our best to guide you on the basis of best of our knowledge and experience. 

If you are not getting how to improve your performance or want the further guidance then feel free to contact us. 

Team of Career Compass hopes that this article helped you and gave you more insights about ACCA.

Good Luck.

By Dipan Ghataliya

(ACCA Affiliate)